Alternative skin/theme for 2014 WSA version

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I know about the Idea for the themes to be added to WSA that started PIInfinity but since this Idea is already closed by Jim I decided to start a new one for the fresh 2014 version.
As you may know from my other posts I am not so fascinated by the new dark military look of WSA 2014. I know that in this stage is too late to revamp colour scheme of GUI. However please give us option to change its skin/theme and create one alternative bright theme resembling the past 2013 version. I know that you, at Webroot, are proud of the small installation file but having only one skin bundled should not increase the installation file size too much.

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I'm surely gonna vote since I wanted skin/theme for WSA from the beginning. If the reason for not letting us use themes/skin is increase of the installer, then I propose having separate downloads for the themes/skins. For example, we can download skins for VLC player separately and then add them to the directory of the VLC player thus keeping the installer untouched.:)
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Am happy withthe skin/theme as it Webroot corporate colours.  Having said that should a decision to provide alternative skins be taken then I think that PIInfinity's suggestion of a seperate download, etc., is the way to go. 😉
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I agree with you both, a separate download is the fashionable way to have alternative skins.
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I think adding the ability to change the skin of the product may necessitate extra coding and could, as has been said, increase the size of the installer. The only solution would be to offer different downloads of the program relevant to the theme in question.
This defeats the simplicity of the current one installer that actually changes the product version based on the keycode entered. If it doesn't affect this and the size of the installer, it may be doable.
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I may want skins for my music players, video players, or any other entertainment app, but when security folk begin offering skins I dissent. This is a security app, designed not to amuse you, to entertain you, but to protect.
I was an old Prevx user, I didn't like the name 'SecureAnywhere." It didn't have zip. It didn't frolic. Now I like it. It's descriptive. I like the sound of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete. The only better name would be Prevx SecureAnywhere Complete.
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Thank you for your suggestion; we are working on updating the interface and will provide you with more information when available. Thank you! 


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