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I have noticed increased disk activity on my PC which lasted for a couple of minutes, so hovered over WSA systray icon to see if a scan runs or what but a scan was idle. I checked processes and scheduled tasks in Windows task manager and it turned out that WSA Backup was running as per schedule what I didn't realize.

Therefore I would like to have a notification of running backup via hovering over WSA systray icon. If a scan runs and you hover over the icon you will see "Scanning ..." and I would like to add another notification for backup activities, e.g. "Running backup task". I know that you can see that backup is running in Backup&Sync->Folders but you need a few clicks to get this information. If we could see it by hovering over the icon it would be very smart and fast notification, imo.

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I agree that it would be nice to see this by just hovering over the icon in the systray.
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Thank you for your suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.


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