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Being slightly colorbling, I have tremendous difficulty trying to tell some of the backup overlays apart, especially the ones that are suppose dot be yellow and green. can Webroot change the colors and graphics of the overlays so that they are easier to distinguish? I would really like to see colors like red (not yet synced), blue (currently syncing), and green (synced). 

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We'll look into optimizing the overlays for ease of visibility.
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I am going to Kudo this: While I myself do not have this issue, I am sensitive to any form of disability.  If not changing the defualt color scheme of the program, how about a few 'skin' options, with some of them having high contrast to help out for those with this issue?
Is there any update on this? This would be a big improvement for some people for whom some colors look the same.
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Cohbraz, this feature request is on our product road map, but there is no timeline for implementation yet.  We'll be sure to update this idea as soon as an update is available.
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I also support the idea. 🙂
Thanks for the update Jim. The way the icons are now, I can't tell which ones are green and which ones are yellow.
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Enhancements are being done to these indicators. Colors will be Green, Yellow and Red. - STAY TUNED!
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@ That's great. 🙂 Gonna love version 2014.
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We have currently placed this request on hold. At this time we are not going to be making any changes to the functionality of Backup and Sync.

I will update this when this changes.
Best Regards,

James G.
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Thank you for your suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.


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