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  • 25 March 2012
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Hi all, sorry for the language use Google translator
would be useful to have a button that puts in pause and restart the backup. Sometimesyou do not need to be kept synchronized. Indeed, the service "Webroot Sync & sharing"can only be ended by task manager (but this is not good).

7 replies

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Hey bafonetto no problem at all. Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
If you would like to manually manage your online backup without it always syncing you can use the "Web Archive" folder instead of the "Magic Briefcase" for storing your files. Here you can manually add and delete files you wish to keep or discard.
As far as the "Webroot Sync & Sharing" only being closed by the task manager I am not having the same issue and am wondering if you are referring to the "Webroot Manage Sync Folders"? If this is the case you should be able to exit this window manually with the "X" at the top of the screen.
Please let me know if the "Web Archive" will help your needs!
Hi MikeR,
Not mean that. But "off" or "turn" the entire service.
Thank you for your reply.
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You are welcome bafonetto thank you for your input!
If you would like to turn off the SecureAnywhere service at any point you can do so by "right-clicking" the green Webroot icon in your bottom right system tray and selecting "Shut Down Webroot".
Mike R
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Surely I have not explained it well:

I'll try to be as schematic as possible (I hope that google translate well the concept)

The program consists of two main modules:

1. security module (antivirus + firewall)

2. Management data (SugarSync)

might be useful on the netbook to run games and save RAM "off" Form 2 (keeping only the 1 that is important for safety).   
I add, as an example, this post and I sent earlier by making use of a 3G connection with my smartphone (using a tethering). Meanwhile, the service "Webroot sync & sharing" (in background) discharged (paid) many Mbits. If I could stop it. this would be a "little gem".
I would have achieved two things:

1. active virus :p

2. I do not use a "service" that I needed at that time. ;)
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This idea is a duplicate of this one. Please kudo that idea instead.  🙂
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Thank you for your suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.