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  • 6 June 2014
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I use a laptop for work and keep all of my personal files on a large SD card, rather than the hard drive. I was intending to use the Backup and Sync function as the method to keep a copy of those files in the cloud, but that is not currently supported. I think it would be helpful if all removable storage could be used with these function of Webroot. There might need to be some limitations, especially for sync operations, but what a nice feature to be able to insert some media and direct Webroot to backup the files on it to your cloud account.

2 replies

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I found and successfully tested a solution!
This is still an issue.  I just got an MS Surface Pro and intend to permanently move all my files to a MicroSD card.  Webroot SecureAnywhere won't allow me to add SD card folders to backup or sync.  The backup error is "...selected folder cannot be added as a backup filter. Please select a local directory...".  And the sync error is "operation failed with error code 15." 
Webroot should add this functionality, as more devices and users are moving to SD card storage.  But in the mean time, here's a work around:
Add a mount folder path using the Windows native Disk Management console.  Unlike some articles I've read about Windows 10, this DOES NOT require you to format the SDcard with NTFS.  You can keep the drive in the optimal exFAT format (or whatever Windows-compatible format you're using), and since you don't have to reformat the can do this without effecting your data on the card.
1.  Create an empty folder on the hard drive to which you will mount the SD card.  I made a folder on the C: drive called "SDcard_Mount"
2.  Open the Disk Managment console.
3.  Right click on the SD card.
4.  Select "Change Driver Letter and Paths".
5.  Click the "Add" button.
6.  Click "Mount in the following empty NTFS folder", click "Browse" to find the folder you made, and click "OK".
7.  Click "OK" again to finish adding the path.
Now you can sync or backup any folders or files on the SD card by directing Webroot to the mounted folder path on the hard drive! (C:/SDcard_Mount/...)
Hope this helps, Cheers!
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Thank you for your suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.