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Cheers, Jasper...I just could not find it...for some strange reason. Baldrick
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I agree with ?, in fact I made a comment on the article myself regarding a better understanding of Webroot's stance.  This Idea still stands, however, as some solutions have been able to be more aggressive, and of course depending on the result of the lawsuit mentioned Webroot's stance may be able to change.  We will see, and this will remain under Consideration for a while longer I believe.
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Oh, I think that the Feature Request should stand and should be progressed so that we have a better way of handling PUAs/PUPs going forward...but only if it does not compromise Webroot commercially & legally.
Now 2½ years but still no decision.
I found myself recently smouldering with anger as, after having used Prevx->Webroot for more than 10 years and during that time been completely free of viruses or anything untoward on my computers, I became the latest victim to this curiously semi-passive attitude of Webroot to PUA/PUPs. I was infected by bus.clevernt.com which regularly opened a "Pokerstars" webpage. It was a b*gg*r of a PUA to get rid of and I had to go to two competitors to do so. Here is my detailed description of the problem (I subsequently had to also do a HitmanPro scan as it seems that this nasty little critter still hadn't been completely removed).
I could repeat all of the (very strong) arguments advanced so far:
  • Time wasted by the Community and, more important, Webroot Support (time=money), dealing with this problem (according to TH, 90% of those who come to the Community come because of this problem!?!?!)
  • Time wasted by consumers due to computer slowdowns and time they spend trying to get rid of these unwelcome intruders
  • Inevitable leakage of Webroot customers as a result of Webroot being considerably less aggressive in this area than many other competitors, thus resulting in dissatisfied customers
  • In short: bad for business
But most important of all, it is high time I add my kudos to this request—which I have now done!
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Since this topic has been bumped to the forefront after two years of inactivity, I would just add that whilst we wait for Webroot to improve it's PUA removal rate, the best way to deal with PUAs is to prevent them getting onto the system in the first place. As was pointed out on page one, there is a great little program that does just this called "Unchecky" that automatically unchecks all additional offers when downloading new programs. It works really well and only uses a tiny amount of memory.
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Thanks Nemo, I forgot about "Unchecky;" Cool!
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I think that we can all sit here and wait and that we will be waiting a long time given the point made in the 'Status' update way back, about the fact that Webroot need to be careful about potentially litigious actions due to labelling an app as a PUA and then being sued by the authors.
Yes, but...
  1. There are seemingly many competitors to Webroot that are managing to be more aggressive to PUAs. So where's the difference?
  2. From where I am standing, I'm not interested in Webroot's legal problems. I'm interested in my need to be fully protected (That is why I subscribed to Webroot, not so I could worry about their legal problems). Which is doubtless similar to how your average Webroot user will be looking at the problem.
NB. I am unaware of ever having knowingly given my consent to the surreptitious installation of this nasty little critter. I checked all programmes that I had installed or updated in the last 6 months and could see none where I might have unwittingly left a checkbox ticked. Webroot claims to be the best but it is badly letting down its customers in this area :@
EDIT (in the light of below post): and I always untick checkboxes before installing or updating apps.
*Items rated as a PUP - which does not mean malware. A PUP can download and install other software that might turn out to be, indeed, malicious. However, security soft vendors do not install every piece of software and watch every single thing that the software does and then create a signature for it. That isn't how file signatures are created. If vendors had to do all that, then it would take a very long time to create signatures, it would be very expensive, and security soft vendors would never tolerate it.
A PUP can be installed at the user's discretion. The signature detection is just to bring the file to the user's attention.

What some users consider a PUP, other users will not; what one AV company rates as a PUP, another will not.

In general, be more vigilant and discerning. PUPs in particular usually install with your consent, and your consent can often be implied when you take shortcuts like a default installation, fail to read all the installation options presented, fail to read Terms & EULA.
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@ I'm with you entirely on this. I was merely saying that had you been using Unchecky you would have had the CERTAIN knowledge  that you had not inadvertently left something checked that you did not want. That is all. Since we wish to stick with Webroot, then we need to take proactive steps to prevent PUAs getting onto our systems because we know that WR are unlikely to change their stance anytime soon.
Yeah, thanks for the tip Nemo.
I've just been looking again at my updates and installs over the last few months and the one proviso to my edit of my last post is that I recently installed Audacity and, for the operations that I required, it directed me to install an add-on programme called Lame v.3.99.3. Is it possible that I installed the latter in a hurry and did not pay attention to the checkboxes?? Only the higher celestial powers know now 😠.
So maybe I shall follow your tip. Just to be double safe in the future ;)
Webroot's stance is still infuriating for us as customers. Infuriating also that I have to add something else to Webroot in an attempt to make up for a job it's not doing properly. But as I am not Webroot's CEO ...
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We can all make mistakes when having an off day so it's good to have a tiny program that has your back. Think of the time it would have saved you!
"would have saved you"
May have saved me.
I'm still not at all convinced this little critter came as a result of my not unticking a checkbox before installing/updating an app (I'm so very careful about that kind of thing these days). However, you're absolutely right, it is definitely worth having my back covered in the event of an off day with regard to the above.
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