Bug-fix for Webroot Filtering Extension on Google Chrome - Websites no longer have green padlocks

  • 26 June 2014
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[Using Google Chrome on Windows 7 and Windows 8]
When we use Google Chrome to visit an HTTPS website, Chrome shows us a padlock to the left of the URL.
Usually we see a Green Padlock, like on the websites for facebook, gmail, twitter, and this one (  The green padlock is a native part of Chrome.  You see that icon when you go to a website where every element on the webpage (images, javascript, etc) is local to the secured SSL server.
Sometimes, though we see a gray-padlock-with-yellow-triangle.  The gray-padlock-with-yellow-triangle is also a native part of Chrome.  You can see that icon when you go to a website that is SSL secure, but, say, embeds an image or banner or something from another server that isn't SSL secure.
The issue is that users never see any green padlocks when Webroot Filtering Extension is enabled.  The extension acts as "something on the page that's embedded from another server".  Thus, a user can never tell the difference between a 100% secured website and once that's only partially secure.  In other words, the extension reports a false-negative for every legit HTTPS website.

Since I own and run an insurance website, I would very much like users to see the green padlock on my site.  But if they have Webroot Filtering enabled, they'll only see the partially-secure gay-and-yellow icon... and it looks like it's my company's fault that we're not 100% secure.
I want to be clear about this, the issue is not how secure the extension really is... but how secure my website appears to Webroot users.  Right now, this extension makes my website appear untrustworthy.
What I'd like to see from Webroot:
- fix the problem, or...
- add a note to the gray padlock for safe sites (like mine) explaining that the website is actually safe, or...
- upon the extension being enabled (and whenever a browser is launched) make a splash page that educates the user about how they will never see green padlocks again and why (user can disable the splash page in preferences), or...
- take down the extension and do an update that force-disables the extension until it's repaired, or...
- remove the part of the extension that is causing the problem (perhaps put that part into a second, separate extension that can be optionally enabled)
If it cannot be fixed, Webroot at least needs to do something to educate its users about why they never see green padlocks anymore.
Some ideas on what to investigate in fixing this bug:
page 1
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There is more on this issue on the forum here:
Also, I had previously filed a support ticket regarding this issue on Oct 25, 2013 18:04.
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Kudos! This is a bug only in Chrome. I think it should be given high priority.
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I checked in with our support escalation team and they're looking into it.
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This is due to SSL decryption. I am checking with development to see if anything can be done in the way of messaging to help explain this to users.
Thank you,
Shawn T
Webroot Manger, Product Support
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Hello Shawn, 
We really appreciate the Feedback and looking forward for the help with

Bug-fix for Webroot Filtering Extension on Google Chrome - Websites no longer have green padlocks 

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Thank you Shawn for the info and thank you Nic for your effort in putting the issue on the front burner!