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Hi all,
I am a closed beta tester since Webroot acquired Prevx. In fact Webroot inherited me :D
During such a long period I have been reporting dozens of bugs via Wilders forum before the Webroot community started. Since then I have been writing here or directly to the support. So I may dare to label myself as an experienced bug reporter :$
Therefore I have to admit that I really miss any tracing system for the reported bugs. The current system (via support) is quite confusing because all reports and replies by the support staff are stuffed in one never ending post what is indeed user-uncomfortable.
In this respect Opera keeps primacy. They have very sophisticated system for reporting and tracing bugs. If you report a bug you will receive an unique ID belonging to your report so it is very easy to trace that bug later on forums, in changelogs or in the closed bug tracing system.
Therefore I would welcome to have similar system in Webroot support. We need to make reporting of bugs more convenient and transparent.
I am not complaining just trying to make a good offer ;)
Thanks & regards,

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I think it would necessitate the use of bug-tracking software. Some vendors do it for their software, but I think it depends on if they have the manpower to maintain the list and on how open Webroot wish to be.
It would be nice if Webroot would use bug-tracking software.
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Yeah, I dearly miss a good bug tracking system ... I have had some issues with the missing scans being seen in the console. After very lengthy clarification forth and back with the support, they finally said they will look into this issue. Since then they never came back. Now I can see the problem has been resolved, all the scans are recorded in the console. Should we have a bug tracing system with unique IDs in place I could now easily mark the ID is resolved and it would be publicly clear and known for everybody who is experiencing the same troubles.
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We are looking at breaking out different issues into different support threads instead of lumping them into one conversation. This idea has created some internal discussion, and we'll review it more with support and development teams.
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. This feature is not something that is on our current roadmap, but we will keep it in mind if anything changes. Thank you!


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