Call blocking using caller name, not caller number

  • 19 February 2018
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Here's a suggestion for your Webroot Android software. The Call Block List permits me to block calls from specific phone numbers. It doesn't permit me to identify calls to block on the basis of their names. I get calls ALL DAY from "SUPPORT INT". I'd like to block them but they come from different area codes and numbers from all over the country.

Blocking the phone number will not block the call, since the phone number changes constantly. (There are some repetitions in originating number. If I block the call using the built-in Android feature, it may block that number if it's used again but it does not block calls originating from new number.) If you could add a feature that permits me to block by name, it would solve this problem. There are no Play Store or Amazon App Store apps that offer this feature. They only block by number.

BTW, the Android callblocker beeps whenever it's activated. This means that it redirects my attention to trivial nonsense throughout the day. There's no way to silence this signal. If you can add this feature to your software, make the notification optional. I don't need to know that SUPPORT INT has been blocked. I don't want to think about SUPPORT INT anymore!

1 reply

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Thank you for your suggestion. I sympathize with your situation - that sounds painful!
Unfortunately, this is not a feature we are planning to implement at this time.