Capability to Install Webroot on top of Windows Defender

  • 24 September 2016
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It would be great if Webroot could have an option at installation (or some other point) whether to be the main Antivirus to replace Windows Defender 10, or alternatively, for it to be an extra layer of protection to run on top of Windows Defender 10.
For example, and I am not alone in this, I need an active antivirus that quickly or even immediately through heuristics recognises zero-day malware such as Trojan downloaders hidden as macro viruses in MS Office documents and then for the AV to immediately remove the threat from the local machine. This approach is different to Webroot, but I / we still want to be able to benefit from using Webroot for its other excellent capablities. This is feasible in Windows 10 where Webroot  works well with Microsoft Security essentials in Windows 7.
Thank you for your consideration.

13 replies

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For users that want WD to work with WSA but in reality there is no need IMO.
Maybe the Registry modification needs to be updated as Joe gave us that addition for it to work on Windows 8 and 8.1
"Windows Defender Tweak if users want to run with WSA on Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 detects other AVs in the Action Center and blocks Defender from becoming active.

You can create a value of type DWORD named HideActionCenter (under HKLMSoftwareWRData on 32bit or for 64bit HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeWRData) set to '1' and reboot and it will prevent Webroot from adding into the Action Center to allow Defender to stay active."
Thanks for suggestions TripleHelix and thanks Nic for reviewing.
TH - The main point is that WRSA + MSE on Windows 7 is already supported by Webroot and fom what I understand it is quite a popular combination. On Win 10 it no longer works and as I mentioned the registry fix no longer seems to work. The reg fix is not ideal anyway since WRSA will not be expecting to work together with Windows Defender, rather it expects to be the sole AV on Win 10, so I guess there is a risk of incompatibility problems, unlike Win 7.
I first used WRSA but as Prevx and for the purpose of banking protection. WRSA has advanced a long way since then, it's a fine product, but like many people I remain uncomfortable that known malware can be sitting on a PC which WRSA will not take action until it is executed. I'd rather another product takes care of the first signature assessment and then have WRSA as the next layer of defence with its behavioural wonders and web session protection. I don't want to roll back to Win 7 to be able to achieve this.
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I understand and it's a Microsoft Windows issue not Webroot's so the reason I posted what I did is to ask Webroot to look into the Registry Change and they can post the new instructions if there is any for Windows 10 as you say it's broken. Windows 7 uses MSE and Windows 10 is completely different as WD is a full Anti-Malware. I don't care to use WD in any way so I won't test the registry change but Webroot can.
We also loved having a plain signature-based AV running next to Webroot.  Would be really cool to have the option in the back-end to configure this for Win10.
It's a pity that Webroot don't see this is a continued opportunity to provide WD users with an extra layer or two of security, especially the browser protection and monitoring of outbound connections that WD cannot provide. Seems the market segment will be left to Malwarebytes Premium, Sophos/Hitmanpro.alert and some others.
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Actually, further to a recent update of Windows...WD will now not automatically not be turned off by WIndows if it detects a 3rd party AV/IS/AM applciation being installed. So effectively WSA can be installed 'on top' of WIndows Defnder...and all thanks to Microsoft.
I think you are referring to the newish feature where WD offers to run occasional scans in the background, which is a useful second opinion option, although it's not running WD in realtime with WR hovering like a hawk above it ready to pounce, as in Win 7.
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Nope, one can now run full WD with a 3rd party AV/IS/AM application if one wants to and Microsoft will not auto turn off WD when it detects the 3rd party software, as it used to.
Interesting, but will WSA will still be providing the AV function as well as WD, rather than supplementary to the AV?
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@ it looks like @ is right. I will ask Webroot to see if there is a work around for ones that want to run both WSA and WD on Win 10.

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That is very interesting as I did not see that at all when I treid it a few months back further to an article from Microsoft that stated that WD would no longer disable automatically, etc., as it had done in the past.
I cannot find the article for reference and so will need to find some time to try this all over again on my see what gives.
But thanks for sharing, Daniel...from what you have posted it certainly looks like cavehomme may well have a point here after all.
Just wondering, if an idea is reviewed but not under consideration, does this mean it won't be implemented?
Other AV like Malwarebytes implemented this feature in the meantime as an option in the back-end and it really is an extra reassurance.
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Thank you for your suggestion. however we are not looking to add this at this time.