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  • 19 August 2012
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Hi ,
i have some sugesstion for support center .
1- make online support ( chat support ) .
2- change now support policies on off-time support , becuase user for read and replay support note must agaian submit to support panel and open new ticket .
User loss Centralization when have agaian problems .
3- i work with many support Centers , *some other antivirus company* have many Good and best performance support Center .
 i think it is a Good Example and Style support .
Thank you
Best Regards ,
*Please do not promote other organizations on the Webroot Community*

6 replies

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i am very sorry , but Unfortunately support tickets Follow is very hardly with this structure at webroot support panel . 😞
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We will probably not be doing support via a chat session for a number of reasons:1. The ticket system automatically sends us Webroot logs if you open the ticket from the computer having the problem. This allows us to start working on the problem immediately instead of needing to ask you to run a log-gathering tool and wait on it to complete. Many issues, particularly ones involving infections, require logs in order to be troubleshot at all.2. The ticket system usually does not have enough tickets in it to allow for the response-time to be significantly quicker via a chat method than via a ticket-system method. Recently, I saw the ticket queue drop to 5 tickets, and there were more than 5 agents staffing the queue. That means each ticket was already getting a response-time equivalent to one provided via a chat method.3. To answer your second point, you do not need to make a new ticket every time you contact us, but you do need to sign in to the ticket system to see our response. You will be notified of the response via email. If you left the ticket open in your browser, it's just a matter of hitting Refresh to see the new reply.We used to have chat support, and as one of the people who formerly provided that support, I can say with certainty and experience that the ticket system is better for all of these reasons.
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Hi JimM ,
Thank you So much .
These means after webroot support answer user ask , and send a alert to user email , user Can replay Email and continue support process ?
Now When i want send new ticket to support :
1- must login to panel .
2- then insert new ticket .
3- when support Team send answer for me .
4- i must agaian login to panel ,
5- view ticket
6- and if i have more questions or problems must issue new ticket .
A )  Write new subject , 😎 select new "categorizing your issue" and C) write problem .
if i want send a Screen shot or etc , must execution webroot support tools ( wsalogs.exe ) ?!
Also support Team send answer maybe after 30 min or more than 1 day !
Thank you
Best Regards ,
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Depending on the type of issue being dealt with, it's possible a reply might take some time, yes.  Particularly if it's an issue we've never seen before, we may need to reproduce it in-house to try to identify it as a bug.  Some issues themselves take longer than 24 hours to manifest.  Log analysis is not instantaneous.  Chat simply isn't a viable medium for technical support once the level of the question exceeds something that can be answered quickly via an automated system, like Ask Webroot or a support knowledgebase, like the one here on the Webroot Community.
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i review and understand at holiday ( sa , fri ) do not answer customers tickets . i suggestion answer tickets " 24/7 " Regards ,
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Hi Durantash,
Support is actually staffed on both Friday and Saturday, though you are correct there are occasionally holidays throughout the year.