Change the way Webroot deals with Consumer Support via the Webroot SecureAnywhere endpoint client

  • 1 January 2020
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In Webroot SecureAnywhere endpoint client a paradigm shift on how to handle support: 

  1. Under Support / Community
  2. When I click on “Get Customer Support”
  3. I would like it to open its own secure browser shell independent from the Chrome browser or any other browsers to lod my registered support page based on my email account and support password - so the login for it and then I type my email and support password. 
  4. It would then load the directly in a Webroot browser shell within Webroot SecureAnywhere on Windows, Apple of Android webroot app. this negates the possiblity of compromisation if the browser infested with viruses while youre dealing with support. 
  5. It should also be actively logged in within Webroot software so that it can act as live chat window when support engineer is replying and the user is in front of the computer at the time - it should actively open a notification that there was a reply and allow me to login back to support chat window within Webreoot software. Much easier than dealing with just email - which should still continue as a reference and alert. 
  6. Within the Support chat browser within Webroot it should also have simple buttons for this like Upload files, Mark as complete, Reopen, and switch to ticket number based approach so if family using same account has multipler webroot issues they can differentiate between them easily. Currently: just combines all issues in one long trail hard to deal with. 
  7. And your phone support should not be on US time. It should be available 24/7 across the world 365 days a year. In multiple major languages. In the I was given long instructions to go to a timezone and choose time and try to convert my time for US time and then suggest several tiems to get a call back. HARD. Keep it simple with a call back platform like Google and Microsoft do. Just have a Call Back button in 6this new Chat browser within Webroot that when I press it - it asks me for my number and automatically allows me to choose form available timeslots or even better would be to call me back within 3 minutes anywhere in the world. 
  8. Do not differerentiate between Consumer and Business support - combine them and treat them equally. Pool resources together under one roof. 

1 reply

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To add, live based self contained chat w/ ticket reply window linked to users account on the web console and within the app I think would better suit live urgent events and ongoing communication between Webroot support and users. And would not rely on email and browsers which both can be compromised. Also the chat/ticket built in mini browser in the Webroot app could also facilitate better access to the community. It should be end to end encrypted and require the support password.