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Actually there is no other way to change web reputation than to do it via BrightCloud web or Webroot support what is less convenient.
There can be definitely more options than one but if I could vote I would prefer two paralel ways. The first is to report an URL via WSA GUI, it should be easy to incorporate let's call it "URL submittal" under Utilities->Reports->Submit Files/(URL) and the second one is obviously within a browser environment, i.e. a toolbar or when you get the block warning (Webroot Blocked Navigation) there is an option "Unblock page and continue", so right beside this option can be also another, for instance called "Request reputation change" or similiar.

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Whilst I like the general idea I would like to suggest a slight variation; what about a link to the BrightCloud website in the same way a link is provided to allow users quick access to Webroot Support.
If that idea is credible I would suggest it could go under the Identity Protection tab, just under the Learn More button.  May be easier to implement than a files-type submission system, previously suggested (not that I am in anyway knocking that suggestion)
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Yuppers... I like this idea.  Adding an easier way to report a possible False Positive from the shield instead of just locally over-riding it would probably be a well received feature!
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Thank you for submitting this idea. I will pass this up and see what can be done to make it easier and faster to get a URL re-determined. -Shawn
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Thanks Shawn for escalating this idea to Reviewed what can be the first step to get it Implemented, hopefuly. ;)


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