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"Check for updates" proposal

  • 30 April 2018
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As it current operates now, a right-click on the "Check for update" option on the Webroot icon checks to see if there is an update for me, personally (as mentioned in https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Complete/ETA-for-9-0-20-31/m-p/319559#M21332).
This is confusing to customers because it is possible for them to learn that a newer version of Webroot is out, but not yet deployed to them. The official Webroot site may list it is a phased roll-out, but there is no individual ETA given. It leaves the user wondering when they will get an update, if their Webroot even sees an update as necessary, etc.
Cound you improve "Check for updates" so that it will acknowledge a new version is available and will be rolled out to the customer soon? This way the user knows that Webroot sees the update, and is not left wondering.
Thank you!

4 replies

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I think that this is simple yet useful suggestion to make sure that the user is clear on what  is going on re. updates as currently one is informed that one is at the latest version even when a new one is rolling out but has not yet 'reached' them.
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Thanks for the suggestion @
This will be really useful and i am all for implementing this especially because we have discovered that a lot of our customers are still on the older versions with the automatic updates turned off. We will be considering this for our upcoming WSA releases. I will update this thread once we have wetted this idea on how and when we will be implementing it. 
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Excellent news! Simple but effective. 
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I Agree with you!