Close/hide dock application on Mac

  • 19 September 2016
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At the moment when you login to your Mac, Webroot opens up in your dock AND menu bar.
So it's open twice. In the menu bar should be open and left open. But the application in the dock should be hided.
At the moment you have to click the dock icon than click the red cross to close it down.
See here for the discussion:

9 replies

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I agree with this request. There should be an option probably in the "Advanced Settings" to hide the Webroot icon in the Dock. The Webroot icon is taking up Valuable Real Estate in the Dock. If it can be hidden now by opening the GUI and then closing the GUI, there should be a way of hiding the icon upon startup or show it for a brief period (5 seconds) and automatically disappear. ;)
So all the "Apple Heads" out there and even the non "Apple Heads" we need your kudo on this one. 😃
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Hi Webrooters 
I totally agree that this is a nuisance to have the WR icon in the Dock. I'm running Beta and I don't have this issue on my Mac. Only upon booting up does the icon appear in the Dock and then disappears after a split second. But I agree with ? and ? that this should be fixed.
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Any news on this request?
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It's been 3 weeks since the last reply.
Is there an ETA on this issue?
This can't be to hard to implement, it's already in the beta as ? already mentioned in her reply...
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6 weeks has gone by since I first posted my feature request.
Nothing has been changed since then.
But my main concern is that I don't get any feedback at all! What's up with that?
Not really impressed by Webroot support....
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Hi Kroon,
Sorry but this may be something that the Devlopers have to check on. When I boot up my Mac and the Webroot icon loads in the Genius bar. All I have to do is click on the Gui / Webroot and it goes away. So I am not sure again why yours is so different. ? are you having this happen to you that Kroon is asking about? I am running the Beta so I am not sure if mine is showiing diifferently.
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Yes @ still happening to me too.
This is different today: Webroot shows in the Dock:

But it Doesn't show in the upper Toolbar where it suppose to be:

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Sometimes on a restart Webroot shows up in the in the Dock and I have to click quit.

I always have seen Webroot icon in the toolbar. No issues there.

Have you tried a rebooting to see if Webroot shows up in the Toolbar?
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Thank you for your suggestion. however we are not looking to add this at this time.