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  • 13 March 2012
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With Today's challenges of companys becoming too big, and those who insert power over them. General populace is looking for trusted hangouts. FB is a very big Target, and in the event of rumored attack, I went looking for other communities here in the United States. I did not find many.
It is my suggestion: Besides what  you have alrerady structured here- which is very well done (but it seems kinda webroot business orientated), Have 1 Room, for gossip and outside news. Give people a reason to hang out other than webroot related information. Webroot's own FB page so that webroot clientel and non- clientel can hang and talk.
I believe you will draw new customers in , just because they like the hangout and the find this to be a safe haven.
So, what do you think? Something above and beyond Webroot to give it more of a universal image?

8 replies

Maybe we can even call it, Webroot Dream Catcher, or Web-Face, Web-Tree (the Yin-Yang of web root)
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Thanks for submitting this great idea!
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Ooo - I like your thinking. Let me talk to the Community Team and see what we can do!
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Hello avatar5nova,
Thank you for the suggestion.  We are always looking for ways to interact with our customers and reach a larger audience! 
Have a wonderful weekend.

David S.
Webroot Support
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I think Webroot is gaining more traction outside of here with some of the social networking sites already, such as Twitter. Does Webroot have a Facebook page? If not, perhaps they should.
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Hey TonyW,
Yes Webroot does have a Facebook page, you can check it out at
I do like the idea of having a non Webroot related section for tech or just casual chat, that sounds like a brilliant idea.
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Check out the new Techie and Non-Techie forums! 😃
Yes I have to find those forums will do