Continued WinXP Support

  • 24 August 2012
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Microsoft has announced that their support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014. At that time, more than a few machines could still be on XP. Could Webroot continue to offer SecureAnywhere subscriptions after the XP sunset?  With no Microsoft security updates, additional protection could be needed more than ever.

5 replies

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I imagine that as long as Windows XP continues to be used, Webroot would support that OS. Windows XP will be around a bit longer than April 2014 until sys admins and home users finally make the switch to whatever OS is in vogue at that time.
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The tentative answer to this question is "yes." However, it should be noted by any person who chooses to continue using XP after the Microsoft cut-off date that Microsoft won't be patching it for security exploits any longer, which will thus make it an inherently more vulnerable operating system. So yes, we should still be able to support Webroot in that environment, but choosing to use that environment would be inadvisable.
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Not to start a flame war but XP really needs to go away.  There are only a very few instances that XP would need to be kept around for possible legacy needs; however, even then someone should be looking for either an updated program or contacting the manufacture to provide support for a modern OS.  XP was a good system, because it was around for so long, but it's time has passed.
and yes, I realize large organizations have a lot invested in older systems and yes, XP will be around for quite sometime but the sooner you can disconnect it from a user the sooner it can be phased out. :cattongue:
Hello, JHarris…
I’m a techie at heart. But with this issue, technology meets finance. If my XP personal laptop continues to support everything I need, I must question draining a limited budget to obtain the latest and greatest. To retire XP, I would need to replace my laptop and upgrade most of its resident applications. (An argument for cloud apps?)
I need to be practical, but also protect my existing investment. The security risk of absent XP support and lacking 3rd party protection is also a financial consideration. When XP support ends, the diminishing population in the death spiral would need 3rd party security protection more than ever, as XP becomes (as JimM noted) “inherently more vulnerable.”
This is a personal view. The needs and alternatives of larger organizations are more complex and dynamic.
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We've been supporting XP until this point, and it will continue until April of 2019.