Create a version of WSA for Symbian OS

  • 1 March 2012
  • 5 replies

As the title says, please create WSA for Symbian as Symbian is still the third biggest mobile OS if I'm not mistaken.

5 replies

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You are probably right but what Symbian differs from other mobile OSs is its future. It means the question is whether it is worth to spend research & development resources on a system whose future is uncertain.
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pegas, exactly.
When we visited the Nokia booth at the World Mobile Congress, we had a look at their new offerings. Although the Nokia people were touting the new devices with Symbian, even they were skeptical of the OS. What is more interesting for us is the Windows offerings, and I am sure our teams are looking into that one 🙂
Thanks for the replies, I didn't know Symbian is being phased out.
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Duplicate of this idea.
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Thank you for your suggestion. however we are not looking to add this at this time.