Custom Installation Options

  • 20 January 2013
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Upon Installation , be able to configure which shields will be installed.
A good example of this is Avast Custom install which allows various sheilds to be checked or unchecked.
I don't use the Identity Shield, no installing it in the 1st place would make sene and I also wouldn't have to loook at my Systray icon with a big "!" in it everyday.

7 replies

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I am usually in favor of having more options when installing software.  Even though the options to leave certain shields uninstalled reduces the total protection available, I am going to Kudo this.
Thank you and I agree, Most people would just choose express option and that would be the default, more advanced users would be be able to select custom and choose which shields they wanted installed.
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I don't think it's workable idea for WSA because the shields are dependant on each other under the hood in certain degree. They complement each other. You can't consider them as standalone shields like in AVAST etc. The strength of WSA is in having all the shields installed and if you want or need you can disable a one but believe it's not necessary at all. Allowing installation only of certain shields would lead to compromise of WSA capabilities and strenght. However I am curious to hear Webroot's opinion on this idea.
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I agree that it would degrade the total security provided by the product, but the various shields can be individually turned off after install without affecting the others.  With a shield turned off, for whatever reason, the tray icon wil have that annoying yellow exclamation point,   While I don't see myself wanting to permanently remove one of the features, I can see the validity of the notion.
If the custom install options are not a viable option, I'd love to see a way to get a normail try icon with shield(s) disabled.
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Our goal on this one is to improve the Identity Shield to the point that there should be no need to disable it. While we could do this, we'd rather just fix the things that need fixing rather than limit the protection you receive. There are actually a couple of good improvements on the way. We'll continue to keep an eye on this idea though to see if it increases in popularity.
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Thank you for your suggestion. however we are not looking to add this at this time.