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  • 19 May 2017
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Develop a daily challenge and call it something like Webroot Daily Challenge.  Every day a new daily challenge question with 4 multiple choice answers is generated after 12:01 am.  Each question with multiple choice answers could be based on Webroot Products, windows/Mac OS, Microsoft word, excel, dos, PowerShell, etc and questions go from easy, medium and hard.   

When you answer the question correctly, you get a point and points go toward badges (something like that) or points get accumulated as a possible streak.  When you reach 15, 20 or 30 days, a streak badge gets placed in your profile.  There should also be stats for each challenge that shows the cumulative percentage streaming from the right and wrong answers (categories) and linked to each person profile.   There also should be a leaderboard that each person can see in their own profile.

I believe the daily challenge would not only be challenging but people could learn and grow from being involved.  The daily challenge also encourages all users to participate.  I got this idea from being a member at Spiceworks and think it would work very well here.
Now we can open this idea for discussion.  Remember if you like the idea presented don't forget to "Up Vote" it located at the upper left-hand corner.

5 replies

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Hey Yankeelady2015, 
Thanks for submitting this idea! This sounds like a lot of fun. The team and I will be reviewing this and going over how we can implement this into our community. 
Thanks again for sharing. 
you got the captcha master archievements

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Hi, @ that's great news that my idea has been reviewed!  I look forward to the end results.
Take care,
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Hi, @ if you want me to provide additional information regarding the daily challenge, just send me a message. I only gave some highlights.. Julie
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Thank you for this great idea! We have implemented this in the current form of trivia, as can be seen here.