Datestamp all posts.

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As a new member I was nonplussed and disappointed to see that every post on the forum is not date stamped but rather mention being made to 'n weeks ago'. I do find that strange and I personally would love to see the date and time  post was made added to the posts.
Having said that I have no idea if it is even feasible!

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It does show already, under the title of the posts.
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I think that they are already unless I am seeing something different to you.
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Thank you ?
This is resolved on my posts now! Hopefully yours is fixed as well?
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Ah yes, thank you nic! Your link allowed me to use 'absolute date' settings as you say and that is what I wanted. And I can now also see the UK time of dd🇲🇲year.
What bothered me was looking at old posts which weren't datestamped, I'm OK with posts from a few hours ago but over a week or month it started to get a bit vague!
So were my eyes deceiving me or was something altered in the meantime?
I like this group, a very helpful bunch of people
Thank you.
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We are a friendly group here and we are always happy to have you join us. This is great now that you are sorted and so are we! Kudos ? ;)
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As the others have mentioned, this is implemented.


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