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I would like to see a distinct differentiation of Techie and Non-techie posts on the main web page of the community. There is a section Recent Posts where are stuffed all posts regardless on their nature. So can you kindly split section Recent Posts on Techie and Non-techie sub-sections? The reason is that we have a huge increase of non-techie posts/threads lately between which important techie posts/threads or those requiring a help are literally becoming lost and they can be easily overlooked as such.

@ attention of moderators
You're correct thinking that this idea relates to your deleted post in one non-techie thread which was closed for a while and was reopened again later. I fully agree with the content of your message, hence I decided to post this idea. Hope you understand.

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It is the Recent Posts page that I use to monitor the Community, as it allows me to see any post from any area.  Separating the Non-Techie out of Recent Posts would only mean that we need to check both Recent Posts and manually check into Non Techie if we wish to.  Obviously, as a Good Morning poster, I would need to check Non-Techie manually to see the posts there.. but that it not much of a problem.  2 pages to check instead of 1 is still a lot easier than checking ALL Community areas one at a time.
It is a GREAT idea to simply keep Non-Techie out the Recent Posts pages if the forum software allows this.
 @MODS:  Recently there was discussion regarding a similar issue when a large number of Non-Techie threads were making the On-Topic material hard to find and follow.  In this case is was not a large number of threads, but a large number of replies to a single Non-Techie thread.  (I am among those guilty of it in the Game thread.)  I am not sure why the MOD comment was removed from the thread, as it had a very valid point.  It is hard to keep a balance, but I fully agree with what was said in the removed comment that if posts requesting help are becoming difficult to find or follow, we need to slow down on threads like the Game or just close it for a bit.  (It wasn't closed forever, just "for now")
It is a growing Community, and you have to do what you feel is right to keep it running smooth and keep it beneficial to the software users who need help.  I give you all a huge Kudo for your work in Moderating this Community: you  are all doing a great job.
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Thanks David for your support. Anything that makes the recent posts clearer and emphasizes the techies messages over the non-techies will be good.You're right the community is growing rapidly and to keep it balanced is not so easy task. So also my thanks to moderators for their endless effort in managing it successfully.
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We just needed to reword the comment so we can create a new guideline. 🙂 That will be on the way later on today. I like the idea of separating them out from Recent Posts, but we may be looking at a platform limitation. I'll take a look and see if it can be done without recoding the whole thing.
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Thanks Jim for your willingness to deal with this matter.
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to a lack of kudos from other community members. Thank you! 


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