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do not lock device when use locate device ( mobile )

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Hey @ 
What does it mean "Reviewed"? I take it that is not the same as Under Consideration, so does this mean that the requested feature will not be implemented, or that it is going to be implemented?
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So Reviewed means that I've talked it over with one of the folks in our escalations department for feasibility.  Under Consideration means that we think it's a reasonable request that we can fulfill, and we've entered it in the dev database of features requests and bug fixes.  From there it will get considered at the next prioritization meeting (about once a quarter) and the decision will be made whether to start building it, or leave it on the future roadmap.  That decision is based again on how urgent or useful the feature or bug is, compared to all the others, and whether they are worth the level of effort to implement or fix.
Any updates on the request?   Simple use is checking on my kids.  I'd like to have it
Wow. I didn't realize that it has been over a year since any update on this request. I wish this would be implemented.
Maybe ? can get this pushed a little...
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I haven't heard any news but I can check with the product manager to see if there's any room for it in the future.
Thanks! It would be so easy to implement. The framework is already there.


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