Don't send important information in the URL's linked in the GUI

  • 25 September 2015
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When one clicks links in the GUI, for example the Submit Sample button or Get Customer Support, a lot of important info is inside the URL. I haven't been able to determine exactly all that is being sent, but I do see the persons email address and some kind of license ID.
Apart from the fact that this information can be intercepted easily, people may also post their links publicly, unaware of the fact that it may contain sensitive information.

3 replies

This is not a "main-line" item, but might  be really popular.
Every now and then, We (partner & I), accidently, unknowlingly, allow the ASK tool bar, etc., to be installed.
The web sites attending to service such (without buying driver upgrade software) are outdated.
Hours can be lost (as is the case now).
Having a convenient way to clean up, if not preventing in the first place, would be really valuable.
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Not sure as to the point of this request as I would assume that the send is encrypted, but may be worth asking as to whether that is the case or not.Baldrick
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We have made an effort to obfuscate any clear text info from the URLs.