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Draw user attention to gears, don't make them only access method

  • 3 November 2013
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The WSA interface needs to bring much more attention to the functionality of the gear icons. We've had users think you completely eliminated parts of the GUI because it wasn't evident they could be clicked on.
These are my recommendations/thoughts
  • Make the gears glow yellow when you hover over a section with your mouse.
  • Gears should also be slightly lighter so they stand out better. They're too dark right now.
  • Fundamentally, I believe the gear icons should be a shortcut to the advanced functionality without having to expand a section. There should be a button under each section for "Advanced." This is much more in line with standard UX. The gears are too much of a departure from user understanding for you to force people to access functionality through them exclusively.

3 replies

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They do turn white when hovering over the gear cog.
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This is a great idea!
While they do change color when hovered over, I think we could take it a bit further.

I've dealt with many customers on the phone or via our ticketing system that do not even realize the gear icons are there, and a few that have trouble seeing it.
You have my kudo!
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We are looking into having this button made lighter to increase visibility.