Easier scanning of external drives

  • 21 March 2012
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It would be nice if there was a an option to perform a full scan of my computer (which includes attached external hard drives). The only way to scan an external hard drive at present is to right click on the drive and select select scan with Webroot. It would be nice if some check boxes where available (perhaps under PC Security, Scan my computer) so that I could add/remove drives I wish to scan. The current Scan my computer in the main overview tab should stay the way it is though and should only do the main drive on your computer (for speed and convenience) but the option to add other drives should be available under the PC Security tab.

6 replies

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Hello Sturie,
That is a great suggestion.  Our product development team reviews all feature requests for cosideration in future builds. 

Thanks for contributing to the forum and providing helpful feedback! 

David S.
Webroot Support
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Hey Sturie! We reviewed this with the Product Team. The way you did the manual scan above is actually the best way to do it right now. In the meantime, the default scan is pretty smart, eliminating the need to do the full scan all the time and optimizing usage. However, I also sent this idea to the development team to see there's a way we could give you more flexibility. Thanks again for the idea!
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Just to clarify a bit, this feature is actually in the program, and you don't have to use right-click functionality to use it. If you choose to do a Custom Scan from the PC Security menu and click Add File / Folder, you can add all of your external drives to be scanned during a custom scan. Then run your scan, and it will perform a full scan of all selected drives.
On a MAC using webroot, how do we scan individual drives, e.g. CD/DVD drive or flash drive? When we right click on a drive it doesn't give the option to scan with web root.
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Hello ?
Sorry to say they isn't a right click to scan with the Webroot Mac . But you do have everything you need in the way of protecting your Mac. I own a Mac/Yosemite and Webroot works flawlessly by stopping any changes to your system files and protects you online with the Webroot Shields and Password Manager Security.
Webroot comes with a number of features that you’d expect to find in an Internet Security product  such as Real Time Shields – which protect your Mac against malware being loaded through downloads or files shared via USB for example. It also has Web Threat Shield which installs a Safari plugin for seamless protection.
Please look at the Mac User Guide in changing your scan settings.
The PC version has a USB Shield in which the Mac's don't need.  Webroot will take care of any threats if active.

Hope this helps,
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Thank you for the suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.