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  • 9 July 2015
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I was wondering if there was any way we could expand the forums to gain a larger and more active forums. We could add like a computer build forum or a request forum. For example, if someone needed a new avatar for their account or something like that. I would like to see people stick around longer than just asking a question and never coming back.

5 replies

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I'm happy to expand the community, but my philosophy is to do it organically based on demand.  The risk of the "if you build it they will come" approach is that we build out forums and then they end up being empty and it makes the site look bad.
So if you'd be interested in talking about computer building you can do that in the Techie forum here:
and if there's enough people talking about it on a regular basis then we'll break it out into a separate forum.
Thank you, do you want me to try and bring in a bigger audiance to the forums. A lot of my followers are people who play video games. So there would be people looking for teams and what not. Is that fine?
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Sure that's totally fine - we'd love to have more people on the community!
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Let's not break or try to bloat the Forums just for the sake of it. And I am with you, Nic when you say " it organically based on demand". The danger of just adding more types of forums is that one can end up diluting the footfall is the numbers do not increase as hoped...far better to react once the demand is there...and to my mind there is no indication that there is any major demand for either "a computer build forum or a request forum". There are already some excellent fora catering for these areas and we could not and should not compete with them.Let's for the moment stick to what we are good & successful at., and not get distracted.This definitively does not get my support.
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We do offer a place on the Community for these kind of inquires, please refer here.