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Explanatory text from SIM card lock

  • 9 March 2016
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I (or rather my wife) recently had the issue described in this post. Basically, she changed her SIM card while abroad and the SIM card lock kicked in. when she tried to unlock, no keyboard would appear. I then learned that it's because the phone needs a data connection before unlocking is possible. There was no explanation of this from the phone itself, and I had to ask the community here to get an explanation.
My suggestion is to include a text message in the lock screen in such a case, saying something along the lines of 'It isn't possible to unlock this device at this time because no network signal is available.'

2 replies

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I feel this is a great idea . I'm in total agreement that this should be impleanted.:D
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We are going to review this idea, thank you for submitting it.