Export/import Domain Bypass List (to bring down over-usage)

  • 23 November 2019
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To have some control on the over-usage in DNS, we use the domain bypass list.  Not meant to be used for this purpose, but it works.  It saved me already some bucks while Webroot still has no answer to this.  We add url’s like *, *, * or * (and a lot more) which makes DNS not recognize these as an "hit” and it will redirect without a check.  I see this as a calculated risk vs money spent on “over-usage" which in my view is not “over” usage in the first place but just usage as one buys one endpoint license and there is no limit on usage (at least not that I can remember when I signed up for DNS).

With this (mis-) usage I found it would be great to have and export/import functionality so I can build a standard list to import this in every (new) site.

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