Filter for viewing of the Active Connections and Active Processes

  • 17 July 2015
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This enhancement/suggestion is certainly not necessary but would be helpful in certain situations. 
By adding a more simple method to filter the viewing of the Active Connections and Active Processes, it would simplify and speed up the process of viewing (ONLY) those in a blocked or monitored condition.   
While the current screens provide the above-mentioned information it is a bit unwieldy when forced to scroll through many lines of information while looking for blocked or monitored conditions.  Sometimes an active process or connection is temporary and if you don’t catch it quickly while it is being executed, you can miss out on valuable troubleshooting information.
This would be most helpful to the non-techie user who is probably overwhelmed by the amount of information on the screen when trying to troubleshoot if WSA is preventing their application or function from working properly.

3 replies

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Nice idea, D_J, but may I propose a refinement? Adding an option in the 'Advanced Settings' that allows the user to select whether they want to see only those in a blocked or monitored condition or all, with the default set to blocked or monitored condition only.That way advanced users can see everything that is going on in there installation if they so desire?Regards, Baldrick
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Thanks Baldrick, good idea, and that would be fine for me. I just would like to see users have the option. Regards, Dave
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Thank you for the suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.