Filtering on privacy-focused search engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpage

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Hey :)
I would love to see the Webroot Filtering Extension updated to include filtering on search engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpage. With Google and others being more dangerous in terms of privacy and DDG and SP becoming some of ones that people are using to avoid those privacy implications, it would make sense to build in support for these engines so that we can have safe and filtered results on these sites as well. Right now the extension only works on a couple of the big search engines. Could this support be included in a future update?
Thanks a lot for reading!

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This is currently out of our scope right now. While I would like to see more functionality in regards to the Filtering Extension, there are other projects that hold priority at this time. I reviewed this with my Product Support Manager and we will keep an eye on this thread.

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I like this idea, and hope others might also see the value in it. 
Here's some 'food for thought': 
DuckDuckGo traffic soars in wake of Snowden revelations | Technology | The Guardian 
 DuckDuckGo has recorded a 600% rise in traffic enjoyed in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations two years ago 
 Could DuckDuckGo Overtake Bing?
June 9, 2015
Zeist, The Netherlands (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — and, the world’s most private search engines, don’t just have a brand new look. They now sport privacy-friendly Google map snapshots, enhanced video search, and upgraded image search results that are automatically proxied for 100% anonymity.
Fans are impressed, calling the new design “cool,” “modern,” and “sleek.”
“It’s great to be launching a new logo, and we’re excited about our redesigned features,” said CEO Robert Beens. “Of course, our users can still confidently rely on the things we’re not changing — great security and state-of-the-art privacy protection.”
The company’s private search and proxy will continue to be free, and the “classic” design and themes are still available as options. What’s more, the company won’t be changing one of its most popular features: its location in the Netherlands.
“Ed Snowden showed how the U.S. government can coerce American companies into handing over people’s data,” he said. “Because our company is based outside US jurisdiction, we are not subject to the Patriot Act or other data collection programs like PRISM. We never collect data on our users and we will never cooperate with bulk spying programs.”


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Agree entirely that it would be great to have web filtering with our favourite browsers.
I've been using StartPage for some time and was disappointed to discover that it wasn't included in the filtering extension, especially as it uses the Google search engine. Given that Webroot users are probably more security and privacy minded than the average PC user, I feel that it would be good policy for WR to promote a privacy browser with their customers. For those not too familiar with StartPage, here is link that explains what they are about:
Now that I've tried the WR Filtering Extension with Google, I have decided to disable it and revert to StartPage since the benefit of seeing the web ratings are, IMHO, outweighed by the privacy benefits of using Startpage.
I love Duck Duck Go, been using is for quite sometime, not so much Google!
Please also consider IXQuick. It has been my favorite Search Engine for years, I like everything about it, and I really hate to give it up to go back to Google or Yahoo!
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Webroot say that extending the functionality of the filtering extension is low priority a this stage, perhaps because they are aware that it really is an unnecessary extension in the first place. Those of us using privacy search engines such as Startpage or Ixquick manage very well with it disabled and if we happen to land on an unreliable site, then the Web Shield will warn us not to proceed. On reflection it appears to me that this extension is no more than a cosmetic gizmo that Webroot could well do without altogether.
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We're in the beta testing stages of a driver-based filtering system that will work with any browser, to replace browser extensions.
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Thanks for the input nic - sounds like the ideal solution! It will be good to be rid of the browser extension.
It  will be great if Webroot can scan over https traffic! 
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'In process'. Thanks nic. Can't wait! Use Startpage and DuckDuckGo all the time.
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Thank you for the suggestion, however we are not looking to implement this, at this time.