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Firewall needs more customization features

I saw there an idea about user rules. However, I need more customizable firewall. User rules, profiles and an ability to sort processes in the list would be very appreciated.

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Hello ynt and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
It would of been best to post in that original Idea and Kudo it instead of starting a new one as they will mark this one as a duplicate.
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We'll track "user rules" separately, but we'll leave this idea open to track "profiles" and "ability to sort processes."
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Although we plan a number of changes as part of our 2014 release, there are no plans for Firewall specific changes at this point. So consideration of any Firewall requests is on hold until 2014 release work is complete.
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@WRSupport  No minor changes for Win 8 users as it does not look good in the GUI ATM?
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TH, development is aware of that presentation issue and is working to resolve it.  However, we don't have a timeframe for that yet.
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Thanks Jim!


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