Firewall usability improvements

  • 11 October 2017
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Is there an overhaul for the firewall in the works?
It seems very overdue up to the point I'm considering a seperate one. The things that keep bothering me are:
- Removing programs from the firewall is too tedious. We need a search field, to be able to sort on blocked/allowed programs, multiple select so we can delete in bulk/change permissions in bulk, ...
- It would be nice if there was an option to temporarily allow software: until reboot, until next program request...
- It would also be nice if the firewall understands local zones (private rfc 1918 networks) and public zones (public ip addresses) so that some software can connect locally but not to the internet.
I bet there are lots more features people want but those above are the bascis for me!
edit: seems someone has had the same idea 4 years ago:

3 replies

Hi Jeroen,
FWIW ~ may I suggest Windows Firewall Control.  PM me for details. 
Note to Mod.  If my suggest is viewed at "promoting" another security.
Sorry, and please delete my reply.
Regards w Respect
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Hey Bjm
For some reason I didn't like that software. I liked ZA (for its GUI) en Comodo (the latter being too heavy for my pc). I still have a licence for Windows FW control. I might retry it, it has been a while!
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This is not something we will implement in the short term, thank you for your suggestion.