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Illustrations for KB: How to Remove Potentially Unwanted Applications

  • 10 July 2014
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We have many terrific instructions in our Knowledge Base.  I would like to see illustrations added to the more lengthy topics,  The KB How To Remove Potentially Unwanted Programs"  in particular.  
Not all Webroot users are "tech savvy". and many people are more comfortable with an illustration.  
Not all Webroot users who are  "tech savvy" find it easy to read and follow lengthy instructions.
Having dyslexia myself,  I fall into that category. The illustrations are a HUGE benefit.  
I have illustrations for this KB and I will gladly provide them as for any other KB, instructions etc that do not already have illustrations.   

6 replies

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Hi Beth
In terms of addiing that sort of thing to the longer KB articles...it is a good idea in principle but unfortunately it just makes the articles even long because you cannot cover the whole  removal process in one picture...you need several to replicate the written instructions and so in this case 'a picture paints a thousand words' unfortuantely does not apply.
This has been debated at length in the past and that is why in terms of some of the KB articles the authors have used the embedded video medium...keeping the KB article short and manageable but very useful.
@ whilst I disagree with the idea of illustrating the KBs, Beth has made a generous offer with regard to providing illustrations...but I believe that any such offer needs to go to the editorial panel in Community Management?  Perhaps you would be kind enough to advise on this?
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Glad you brought that up Baldrick as I hadn't considered the length issue.  Perhaps there is some formatting we could change to make it easier.  On other communities I've seen a format where the text is on the left, and thumbnails of the illustrations are on the right, and can be clicked on to expand them.  That way it doesn't make for a page that is overly long.  I'll investigate if Lithium gives us any options in that regard.
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Hi Nic
I am personally a fan of the embedded video...which has been used to great effect in some of the KBs and in this YouTube world of ours it may actually be the most natural media to use for some of the less tech savvy...but having said that your idea also sounds good.
Will be interested in what Lithium have to say on this.
Am I correct that anyone can create and propose an article to become an official KB article but that it does need to go through the Webroot approvals process before it can become 'official', i.e., avaialble from the KB pages?
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That is a good question - I'll need to investigate as I'm not up to speed on the TKB process.
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Cheers, Nic...much obliged, as always. ;)
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While we don't feel an infographic as it won't satisfy the needs of all of our customers, we are considering the idea of tutorial videos, and will post back on here once we make some progress.