Implementing A Message System In Connection With Live Tech Support

  • 28 January 2013
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Webroot should employ a message system in connection with its live tech support that allows the caller to leave a name and phone number to receive a call-back, rather than have the caller remain on the line for what can be an intolerably long wait time.  I have never experienced a wait time of less than forty minutes, and recently the wait time exceeded one hour.  This is unacceptable.

2 replies

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Supplementing this recommendation, Microsoft Tech Support seems to have recently taken a more proactive approach to customer service and they are doing a very good job of it, imho.  It now incorporates this feature, as does Norton.
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A 40 minutes wait time is not representative of the general wait time. This week, for instance, the wait time appears to have been about 10-20 minutes. That said, the best way to reach out to support is through the product itself, via the support system. When you put in a support case, you're not just sending the message you typed up. You're also automatically sending up a log with useful information that support techs can look at and generally help you out without ever needing to talk to you on the phone. Additionally, many of our resources are devoted to making the product a support-free experience. Rather than invest in new phone systems, we are investing in making the product a support-free experience for which you will not need to call in. While there are always exceptions to this rule, and phone support can sometimes prove more useful than any other kind of support, those cases are not representative of the great bulk of all user cases, which are solvable without any phone contact at all.