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Improve Cookie-Cleaning Options in System Optimizer

  • 19 September 2017
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Most of us will have been aware of CCleaner’s recent security breach and the understandable alarm this has caused in the cybercommunity.
Until recently, I had been relying partly on Microsoft’s built-in disk cleanup tool, using the excellent advice given in this rather old but venerable webpage article, and partly on Webroot’s System Optimizer, which I believe is based on your legacy product Webroot Window Washer. However last, month I decided to install CCleaner, and have since then been using a combination of System Optimizer and CCleaner for my disk cleanup schedule.
Then came news of the infamous Piriform security breach 😠. Thankfully only one of my three machines is 32-bit and it is the only machine that I hadn’t installed CCleaner onto, so I was thankfully spared this Trojan.gift! All the same, the breach has understandably somewhat shaken my and, I believe, others’ faith in the reliability security-wise of CCleaner
As a result, I am thinking of relying less (or maybe, if I were to be wise, not at all?!!) on CCleaner in the future and using exclusively System Optimizer (and possibly the built-in Microsoft cleanu tool as well). I would imagine many others are thinking on somewhat similar lines.
However there is one part of CCleaner that is in my opinion greatly superior to System Optimizer, and which I would therefore like to suggest that Webroot integrate into their System Optimizer, and that is their cookie cleaning options.
System Optimizer only cleans Internet Explorer and Flash cookies, and the option is either to clean all and every cookie or to clean none. However, CCleaner offers on the one hand to clean cookies from all sources, for example all internet browsers, and on the other hand the option for the user to create a list of cookie exceptions. This second option is particularly interesting as I consider several of my cookies, on reputable pages such as www.bbc.co.uk or Belgian rail, to be quite useful as they save options that I often re-use on subsequent visits to those websites. I would imagine that I am not the only person who finds this option useful.
So my suggestion for System Optimizer:
  1. expand the cookie cleaning option to all web browsers
  2. add the possibility of an exclusion list
If anyone agrees with this suggestion, please kudo it! Thanks!

15 replies

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I note from reading the Window Washer threads in the Webroot Legacy Products section of the Forum that the delete cookie exclusion list I recommend above, or rather "cookie keeper" as it is perhaps more aptly called by Window Washer, was present in Window Washer and several users expressed regret that it is no longer to be found in System Optimizer. All the more reason, to my mind, to restore this extremely useful function to System Optimizer.
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Thanks @ , We have been looking into System optimizer enhancements and believe this will be a good add. we are working with our devs to measure the effort this will take and where this sits in our priority. Will keep this thread updated as we move forward. 
Thanks, @. Great news! (Provided the devs decide it is practicable/cost effective time investment-wise)
What would be really cool, if it were possible, would be an option in System Optimizer that the closing of an internet browser triggers each time the cleaning of all cookies associated with that browser except for those in the cookie keeper list. Would that be feasible as an option??
If that option were to be created, it would be useful to also have an easy shortcut (webpage context menu, for example?) for adding a webpage cookie to the cookie keeper list while the browser is still open. This second suggestion would, in any event, be a useful addition.
I also use CCleaner and used Window Washer before that, the cookie exclusion list is a desirable piece of functionality, you can keep the cookies you want and get rid of all those cookies you don't want, especially those that target you with items that you no longer require. I was pointed to CCleaner by another Webroot user so it does appear that I am not the only one who finds the cookie exclusion list most useful. Good news that Webroot are considering the inclustion of a cookie exclusion list in the System Optimizer, its addition can only enhance an already excellent product.
  1. expand the cookie cleaning option to all web browsers
  2. add the possibility of an exclusion list
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Not sure as to why the requests for the duplication of functionality that already exists in most if not all browsers...perhaps there is a lack of understanding as to what browsers themselves are capable of.
Anyway, just my thoughts, but if I could negatively kudo feature requests then this would certainly be one of them. FAr better to apply effort, money & time to core protection than get distracted by what I feel are unnecessary 'frills'.
Just saying! 
I am always willing to learn, where in Chrome and Edge is the Cookie excluder??
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As I said "already exists in most if not all browsers"...so there will be exception. Cookie clearing is available but here is not the place to discuss that. ;)
With respect, Solly, you've missed Dragonfly's point 😉
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With respect...this, is not the place, to go into details...so I am bugging out of anymore non strictly new feature-related discussions here. They can be had in the specific product forums...if required. ;)
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We are moving this to "Under Consideration". No timeline as of yet, however we are moving forward with this particular request.
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Well, I for one sincerely hope that it is thrown out/closed with no action as there is IMHO no need for any bloatware addition to WRSA. The cookie cleaning capabilities in WRSA are certainly IMHO sufficient and I do not think that we should be trying to turn WRSA into a remake of Window Washer.
Resurrect Window Washer by all means but lets remain focussed on the core WRSA mission...please?
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Valuable feedback, Baldrick. We will keep it in mind when discussing these later this week.
Functionality similar to Window Washer would be a popular and useful addition to Webroot 
As Baldrick knows, I disagree (obviously so, as it was I who mooted this Idea!).
The browser cookie-cleaning function in System Optimizer is currently not useful to me (and, I strongly suspect, to others) because:
  1. it only applies to Internet Explorer
  2. it does not offer the option of an exclusion list for some trusted cookies that usefully remember my settings for their webpage, for example:[list]
  3. my settings and preferred language for Google and other search engines
  4. selected departure and destination station, and (non-confidential) personal information, when regularly purchasing the same train ticket on my national rail website
  5. many others.
[/list]Using the cookie cleaning option in its present form means losing, each time System Optimizer runs, this incredibly useful information and so tediously having each time to reenter this information from scratch when using these webpages again 😠.
Much of the cookie exclusion code presumably already exists in your archives from your legacy Windows Washer, albeit for a lesser number of web browsers and not with their latest versions. Regarding Baldrick's point, personally I believe there is far more bloat in the sum of Backup & Sync, Password Manager, System Analyzer and Personalized Security Report than I imagine there would ever be in System Optimizer. Whilst some of the above mentioned additional bells and whistles are sometimes not optimal according to feedback from this Forum (and from my own experience), I have personally never ever seen any complaint about the reliability and/or stability of System Optimizer. Which is not surprising as it is like a kind of successor to your legacy Windows Washer on which, if I understand correctly, Webroot originally built its reputation. Which makes it all the more the pity that the browser cookie cleaning function is currently unusable for the reasons stated above (all the stranger as this cookie exclusion feature was one of the really revolutionary and I believe greatly appreciated features in your Windows Washer, which incidentally several other famous products like CCleaner copied from you).
So notwithstanding the above comments, my original recommendation stands*.
*"Provided" of course (as I said in a previous comment) "the devs decide it is practicable/cost effective time investment-wise."