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Incorporation of All Window Washer Capabilities into System Cleaner

  • 11 September 2012
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Request serious consideration to incorporate the remaining (all) functions from original Window Washer into Webroot Essentials, including free space space washing & clean complete computer function downlaod to start-up disc.

29 replies

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We've been making some progress on this in a piecemeal fashion by returning the ability to schedule cleanups, which had been one of the missing features from Window Washer. So parts of the request may happen, while other parts might not. Which feature do you want to see the most? It would be great to get a sense of priority on which of these features are the most important to everyone. Thanks 🙂
I sure don't understand why the washing of free space functionality was lost. This seems like a very basic tool for a lot of folks, certainly I'm looking for it. I've had to download a standalone software, Eraser, to do what was easily done previously in Window Washer.
I'm with you. It seems this app is just a half-hearted excursion into the mobile world...just to say "We're here!"
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Have a look at what Kit has said here: http://community.webroot.com/t5/Introduce-yourself-to-the/Washing-hard-drijve/m-p/16360#M720
I would like to see the cookie saver option from Window Washer incorporated into Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.  I realize that some cookies contain passwords or other login information which makes keeping them around a security issue, but some cookies have other information in them as well. 
Having to constantly re-type information that would normally be part of a cookie is a cumbersome, time consuming and annoying.  Please let the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete purchaser decide whether to delete all cookies or not.  Please include the cookie saver option.
As it stands, I currently have no plans to upgrade to the SecureAnywhere Complete version when my current Window Washer subscription expires.
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A vast majority of the data I have to retype when cookies are deleted can be handled by the Password Management feature of WSA Complete.  Now, a single login to that feature, and everything else is autofilled, securely and quickly.
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System Cleaner should be removed from the product completely. If you need to clean your computer please use a product designed to do it and not a feature tacked onto an antivirus product...
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I have to second explanoit's opinion because ... 
It's a commonly mistaken assumption that a security solution needs to have some kind of a cleaner because stored history in browsers, cookies, temp files etc. represent the potentional threats to some extent. No, they don't pose greater risks than other files stored on your hard disks because AV shields, scanners etc. protect all files on your disks unless you have customized the settings. The prime aim of cleaners isn't to increase your security but to improve other aspects of using computers, especially performance.

On the upside, I stand firmly grounded and I know that there is no way to remove System Cleaner from WSA, simply because it's the trend to have cleaners in security solutions.

Nevertheless, I take it easy, if I don't like something then I don't use it 😃
I am a YES vote to add the features of Window Washer to WSA complete.  As far as the comments about these features not being necessary for security, I would like to add that this program is also about privacy and system optimization.   I have tried other products and none of them compare to Webroot's stand-alone Window Washer.  It is not just for securtity and privacy - it can actually hinder a browser's functionality not to clear the cache sometimes. With the Cookie Keeper feature, cleaning up does not lead to a lot of unnecessary re-entry of data and having to "identify" yourself to websites over and over.
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I would like to see a return of Window Washers components inside WSA as well. 😃
Explanoit said "if you need to clean your computer please us a product designed to to that, not a feature tacked onto another program?
Please remember that Windows Washer WAS A PRODUCT DESIGNED FOR THAT PURPOSE ... until Webroot discontinued it and tacked a halfhearted version on to Anywhere,
My license for Window Washer has just expired, and of course it will not let me renew it now, saying to use SecureAnywhere Complete. I already have that, but the absence of a cookie keeper has meant that I always use Window Washer, which is now dissabled.
SecureAnywhere Complete, seems to only give the option of deleting ALL cookies or none. I want to delete most cookies but keep the ones for such things as forums that I regularly use so that I don't have to keep logging in.
WW also has more functionality, other than cookie keeping, than the cleaner component of SAC
So please add my vote for all Window Washer features to be included in SAC. Or alternatively, update Window Washer and re-issue it as a stand alone product.
I have made the switch from ASW to WSA, but was disappointed to find that WW had "been fully replaced by WSA" when it really hasn't.  I have continued to update my subscription to the unsupported WW, but when it expires in Jan 2014 I believe I will be out of luck.  CCleaner "free" will do the trick, but I would prefer WW to actually be "fully replaced" by WSA as advertised.
The three features I miss most, in decending priority:
  1. Wash/bleach unused space on local and external drives
  2. Wash/bleach "slack" space, only on 7-pass wipe with WSA
  3. System erase; low priority, especially if #1 and #2 are available
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My contention is that CCleaner is worked on full time by a staff with deep knowledge of how to safely clean Windows.
Webroot selected its direction by opting out of the minimal OS cleaning market and laid off people who had been with the company for a very long time.
Because WSA is a completely dedicated architecture coded in lower level languages it's more difficult, expensive and risky for them to expand featuresets. You would need to provide the business justification for them to do this.
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"I have to second explanoit's opinion because ... 
It's a commonly mistaken assumption that a security solution needs to have some kind of a cleaner because stored history in browsers, cookies, temp files etc. represent the potential threats to some extent. No, they don't pose greater risks than other files stored on your hard disks because AV shields, scanners etc. protect all files on your disks unless you have customized the settings. The prime aim of cleaners isn't to increase your security but to improve other aspects of using computers, especially performance."
I would have to disagree with this statement. First the priority of the Window Washer/System Cleaner is to clean the cookies, history, temp files etc. of sensitive information. As you visit websites and type in your credit card info, social security number, address those are stored into Temp Internet files, cookies. As a trojan, malware, virus attacks your computer they will go to the aforementioned locations and retrieve your info to be used against you. I will agree it will increase performance of your device but the primary reason for WW or System Cleaner is to add an extra level of protection of your private information.
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Good points awatkins, I hadn't considered the dumpster diving aspect to it.
Since WSA already cleans this up, I don't think the feature needs to significantly expand. WSA's cleaner fulfills the needs of general junk that may have some financial value.
However, it is not and will never be appropriate for use against someone who is going to be doing a deep forensic examination of your computer. There is too much data in too many locations with various levels of risk in removing with various impacts on the user experience. Cleaning an OS like Windows is a very complicated task and removal of all traces of activity with certainty is not a reality.
The best way to approach this is that general cleanup tools are for getting most of the big and old stuff off your computer while mostly cleaning up the exact details about you activities, out of the reach of someone doing a quick look through your computer.
For thorough cleanup you have to customize your tools, and use multiple ones, understand how Windows works in a basic fashion, accept a decline in your user experience through forgotten settings, and accept that no matter what you do you're not perfectly safe. Even I am not willing to make some of the compromises needed in my user experience to fully clean my systems, there is no hope of a regular user accepting the limitations.
If you need to make your activities inaccessible, you need cryptography or a boot CD, not a system cleaner.
I add my vote to providing all the features of Window Washer to Secure Anywhere.  My top choices are the Cookie Keeper, the extended set of applications that could be washed, and the free space washer. 
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Here I have to agree with expanoit & awatkins. 
Whilst I would like a little more usuability in the current System Optimizer (feature request rasied) I really believe that WSA should concentrate on it primarily designed function. 
A move to go more heavily into the 'cleaning' sector would IMHO opinion be bloat, something that the lean & mean WSA does not need and which, again IMHO, most users would not want.
Let's stick with the primary mission. 😉
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I am content with System Cleaner as is to be perfectly honest.If i need something more,there are always other things i have here.There are some features of Windows Washer i would never ever want to see again as i had to work on more than 1 pc that was bricked by it's misuse.
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I think there are some tweaks that can be made, but I would not want to see it overbloated.  That is what I really love about WSA: it does the job efficiently without bloat.
There have been some comments regarding the Optimizer removing things that the user did not expect, so possibly a warning of some kind, either in the Optimizer panel or by way of a pop up that can be disabled, warning the user to check the settings BEFORE use: deleted files cannot be recovered.  (Of course, that IS the whole point of it 🙂  )
On the other hand, possibly a completely different direction, the ability to instead of permanently removing files, put in a "Testing Mode" in which it would FIRST clear the Reclycle Bin, and THEN run the Optimizer and place all removed files into the Recycle Bin instead of deleting.  This would allow a 'test run' to make sure that the user does not end up losing some data that they do not want removed.  Put a "Enable Test Mode" check box right on the UI where the button to run the Optimizer is, along with a "What's This?" link for more information regarding Test Mode.
Like the Backup & Synch feature about which there was quite a discussion regarding a while ago which resulted in enhanced options for file type selection, possibly look into adding the data files of more programs.  I am looking at this on the side of security here on shared computers.
 ** I have to give credit when due.  My idea of using the Recyble Bin in a Test Mode configuration was inspired by Baldrick's comments in the other thread Here.
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I actually think that David's idea of a TEST mode (as described above making use of the Recycle Bin) is GENIUS, providing the best blend of all requirements expressed...information for the user, option to test delete & recover if required and then SECURE erasure of the removed items.
This idea gets my vote as the direction that the System Optimizer should take in response to all the ideas suggested regarding it  Bravo...:D
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Tsk, Tsk David! 😛 It's called team work as I agree also!
Daniel 😉
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Yes, it is very much TEAMWORK.  I have spent several days thinking about this, considering what everyone has said, wanting to come up with an idea that would take everything into consideration.
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And as I said before...it has paid off as you have come up...IMHO...with a humdinger of a good one...:D