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Incorporation of All Window Washer Capabilities into System Cleaner

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I have a very crazy idea for this feature. how about oh--- 10 passes as a limit lol (not 99 that sounds cuckoo insane loco) heh.
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If you would like to see it @ kudo the idea at the top left!
Why did they get rid of Window washer?  Well think about.  It was highly effective and they were making good money off of it, too.  And yet, they replaced it with a half-vast alternative in their security suite.  Think about it in the context of what the NSA has been doing for years.  Here's the problem - it was too effective.  Without a doubt, the Justice Dept requested them to put an inferior product in place so investigators could go in later, if they needed to, and retrieve data that people thought they had erased ((pedophiles, etc).   It makes you wonder just how safe their antivirus software really is, too - I'm sure there's a backdoor in it, but there probably is in all of the security software products anymore.  Back doors in software, you ask?   Snowdon is a traitor, because he went too far.  But what did we learn from his exposee'?  That the NSA can get into anyone's computer with no trouble at all.  Why do you see all this hacking going on?  Because nefarious people are getting very sophisticated in finding the back doors.  Wait a minute here - I could be wrong.  Criminals break in through Windows, not doors.  I suspect there is NO anonymity any more.  Am I one of those conspiracy wackos?  No, have been around long enough to see how all this developed.  Like people say.  If you aren't doing something illegal, you shouldn't care about what they know about you!  Yah, right. 
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@ please Kudo the top left of this Idea the more kudo's the better than they will be able to bring it to the Developers Attention.


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