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Integrate Webroot Filtering With Edge Extension

  • 28 May 2018
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Now that Edge allows for extension (for some time now), it would be nice to have the filtering and password for this browser.

3 replies

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I believe that this has been requested a number of time before together with the automatic addition of Edge to the Identity Shield (as does IE11, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and I believe that this is under review by the Development Team, but that they are awaiting Microsoft to 'allow' them to do so...most liklely to clashes or the like with Edge's built in security functionality.
See HERE for more details.
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@ and team are currently working on this! ETA is mid-October. 
Stay tuned for an update then. 
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@ @ I know this is about the Web Threat Shield  and Password Extensions but how about Identity Shield and Edge?