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  • 23 April 2017
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I would like Webroot to have a way for me to prevent junk e-mail from coming to my e-mail in box. Yesterday, for example I had 200 junk e-mails. Today I turned on my PC and went to e-mail to find that I had 286 junk e-mails. For the past week I have sent 2262 junk e-mails to junk. I spent over an hour with Centurylink, my carrier, yesterday to have them try to help me get rid of this junk, and had no luck. They had an app that would work with Nortan, but it did not work with Webroot.  

2 replies

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Hi danmhess2
GIven that WSA does not actually scan emails per se (it just deals with any malicious payloads an email may attempt to drop on your system) it is unlikley that sucha feature would be my humble opinion.
WSA concentrates on the important aspects such as malware protection and the like rather than the annoyances which is really what spam or junk emails are.
There are a number of anti spam applications avaialbe out there; some free of charge and very effective, so may I recommend that y9ou review what is available and use one of those to resolve your issue? That is what i do in relation to spam/junk mail.
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you very much for your feedback! At this time Webroot does not have this feature at the moment, and we do not plan to implement it in the near future.