Keyboard Shortcut for "permanently erase with Webroot"

Could you develop an option that could allow Webroot System Optimizer to be called to securely erase a file/folder via hotkey?  On Windows systems, I have three options to delete something while browsing the File Explorer (Windows Explorer):
1) send to recycle bin
2) "permanently erase" using Shift + Del
3) right-click and select "permanently erase with Webroot"
I think it'd be amazing to have the option - either through the System Optimizer settings tab in the Advanced Settings menu, or as an option during setup/installation - to be able to assign "permanently erase with Webroot" to the Shift + Del hotkey combination.  It would combine my love of keyboard shortcuts with my love of securely erasing data!

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Thank you for your idea @Krieger_bot. At this time this is not something that we will be working on in the immediate future but will add this to our backlog. 
Thanks again


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