• 4 October 2012
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I have an idea that when you sign in with your new keycode it should made to be hidden before you ever start the application.THat will make it harder for someone who is already got your keys logged.If you show them your keycode it would allow them to protect their pc also.It also gives them free reign to your pc`s application.

1 reply

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We talked about this idea with development, and implementation of this idea sounds like it would pose some technical difficulties while providing fairly marginal benefit. Coming from a background in support, I can't say I ever received a call in which a customer stated their keycode had been stolen and that someone was in some way using that against them. However, if such a call was received, it would be trivial to provide a new keycode and disable the old one. Even if someone did obtain the keycode, if they took it to the console and tried to register it, they would receive an error that it's already registered, and they would be prompted to log in. They would not have your password or security code even if they did somehow have your keycode, and they would be unable to log in. Worst case scenario, they could install Webroot on their own computer. That would be unwise on their part, because then their computer would show up in your console, which only you have access to - so you would be on course for learning more about them, not vice-versa. Plus it takes just a few clicks of your mouse to remotely remove WSA from their computer using console features. And again, support could easily replace your keycode outright if necessary.