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  • 15 February 2013
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Would it be acceptable to develop a Knowledge Base article, able to be added to and/or edited, with links and information related to Security Software Removal Tools?  This would be a listing of the various Security Software makers and links/information for the tools to remove that product.  Yes, I would suggest that Webroot be included as there is currently a Knowledge Base article regarding how to remove legacy Webroot software.
A convenient place to find the information needed, no matter which product or who makes it.

9 replies

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I would be supportive of the idea.I know it's Webroot's goal to work with everything,but i can say firsthand it works smoother with some things than with others and a post with links with removal tools for security software is certainly welcome in my eyes especially for those who are not familiar where to go.I am still amazed at the raw speed of my system with WSA installed alongside Privatefirewall.I have gotten so used to lighning quick page viewsand system response,that even a seemingly miniscule increase in page load is noticeable to me.If the idea does not fly,most of us guides know where to go to get them,and i would be more than happy to pass long that info should anyone need it.I would however advise greatly against using programs like revo and such to remove security software.In novice hands these tools can nuke your system pretty good.
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The types of links/information that I am looking to keep an article of are the ones posted by the maker of the Security Software: Norton links for Norton, AVG links for AVG.  Just a place to find the software makers own instructions/removal tools as they can be sometimes difficult to find in a hurry.
No 3rd party links or removal tools from one company that claim to remove the software of another company.
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It has been brought to my attention that this idea would appear to violate the Community Guidelines.  I had forgotten about one small, but very important rule:
Don’t be a Spammer.
The Webroot Community should be used to share information about issues relating to Webroot, Webroot products and services and Internet security generally. Please do not post off-topic messages or attempt to promote a separate organization or cause.  Links to third-party security vendors will be removed.
While I thought the idea was a good one, by its nature it would require the use of links to not just the Webroot provided removal tools, but the removal tools of said other security vendors that they provide themselves.  I have to admit, I think the rule of Don't be a Spammer is there for very good reason and that supercedes the good intentions that I had.
I think I would respectfully retract the idea for the moment.
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I'm kind of on the fence. It's a link to a third party site, but it's not attempting to promote another organization or cause. If the Community would find it useful, and it's not spam or an overt attempt to promote another organization, I don't really see the problem with it. Cat and I will discuss it on Wednesday when we're both back in the office and follow up.
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I was a bit unsure myself, which is why I started off with "Would it be acceptable"..  And if not, I fully understand and will not complain.
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After some discussion, we concluded that it's ok to have a topic that provides uninstaller links to third party programs. The Community Guidelines don't need to be taken literally in this case since the spirit of the topic is very well aligned with the purpose of the Techie forum. However, we think it's best if the community itself creates and maintains this list. We'll be happy to float the topic to the top for ease of access. David, it sounds like you would be the best person to make the topic if you'd like to do that. I'll make sure the topic is permanently editable, so your first post in the topic can serve as the repository for all of the uninstaller tools. Let's make it inclusive of any uninstallers - not just security software. It's also very important to note that these tools are made available solely for the convenience of community members who may need them for whatever reason - perhaps it's a damaged installation of something or expired or unwanted for some other reason, but please make it clear in the post that Webroot will run alongside the listed programs without the need for removing them. Hopefully the Community will find this repository useful! Thanks for the idea! 🙂
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Thank you!!
I won't be able to get the thread started until tonight, (All my links are at home!) but I look forward to getting this up and going 😃
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David started a Community-initiated topic that will serve as a collection point for any third party removal tools. Thanks David!
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I should be getting the first few links up tonight!  😃