• 6 October 2013
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A light green typeface on a white background or, worse, a grey one is very difficult to read. Can you please increase the contrast?

4 replies

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Can you please clarify which product or page you are referring to?  Thanks
Throughout this forum, Jim, example below. The bold typefacw is almost readable but not the normal. My colour perception is normal but I'm sure that those with reduced green perception simply could not read it.

I quote the following from
"Good graphic design avoids using color coding or using color contrasts alone to express information; this not only helps color blind people, but also aids understanding by normally sighted people."
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There is a person in the office here who is red/green colorblind. I'll run this by him and see if he has any trouble. I'm also interested to see if others here, on the community, are having the same issue.In the interim, does zooming your browser in help you at all? If you hold down CTRL and use the scroll wheel, it will zoom in an out, which might help in the short term.
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Thank you for the idea, however the theme and layout has changed to become more legibile since this request was posted.