Mac Forum and Mac Expert on the Webroot Forum

  • 12 October 2016
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The Webroot Forum is in need for both:
1. Mac Forum Only
2. Webroot Mac Expert on the Forum. (it's been a few months without one)

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12 replies

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That would be nice. Keep all you apples in one basket. LOL

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Of course I am for having all my Apples in one basket too! LOLs:D
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Kudos! Who doesn't like a nice neat basket of Apples? ;) 
 My basket just has deplorable apples in it.:p
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At least My basket doesn't have Apples Lying around and being Crooked in the basket. :p:p
I support this idea as well as it would keep all our apples in one place. 
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I'm glad to see that we are half way there. We now have a Mac Forum just for the Apple Heads. Thank you Webroot.:D
Now about the last half of this request: "Webroot Mac Expert"
We need an Expert that will visit the Mac Forum daily and answer ALL questions even when pinged.
The Retired Mac Expert "Devin" Wanderingbug was a excellent example of what we need on the Mac Forum.
Please don't get this request wrong. The Webroot Employees that use Macs and help us out are doing a good job, but we need someone more dedicated to the Mac Users on the Webroot Community Forum.;)
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Thank you PTD for pointing this out. I totally agree that even though we run a Mac we still need to know the details oF how Webroot works. Like to archive files or not for just one example of needing help.

It gets frustrating for both the OP and us trying to respond correctly or satisfactory. 🙂
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We now have @ as a resident Mac expert, so this is now in effect.
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@ so we can Ping him at anytime and will respond in a timely fashion? I see he hasn't been online for 3 weeks.
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@ He should be responding to pings here on a weekly basis, so feel free to do so and we will correspond in the meantime until he becomes familiar with everything.
Hello all, I have been on quite a bit of PTO lately, but I am now back in the office on a normal schedule. I'll be happy to assist with questions when I can,