Make Auto-Renewals Cheaper

  • 6 February 2017
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How about rewarding loyal customers by making auto-renewals cheaper, or at least the same price, as new purchases?
Existing customers are effectively charged a "lazy tax" if they auto-renew, especially SecureAnywhere Plus and Complete customers, who cannot purchase cheaper subscriptions without being forced to jump through hoops to retain their passwords/backups.
I know 3rd party offers can be even cheaper again, but surely auto-renewals could at least match Webroot's own discounted prices?

7 replies

I agree, customer loyalty should be rewarded.
However, WR do also offer discounts on 2 and 3 year deals, so annual renewal is less of a problem if you buy a longer license.
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It is all about marketing...and is being discussed internally...apparently.
Speaking of 3rd parties, has anyone else been getting harassing phone calls from '1-2-3 FIX'?  These people sold my wife the web root application we are using, about 3 years ago. No, it wasn't Web Root who contacted us to inform us '1 2 3 FIX' was no longer the point of sale, we found out when we got the re-newal bill from Web-Root and ever since then we had been inundated with these ph calls from Ruitz Calidido saying he's from 'PC Tech Support....we are the people who worked on your PC last year'  Its one thing to cancel a contractor's ability to sell a product for you But, its another Not to be able to hold those people responsible of harassing your current customers. We finally got '123 Fix' totally scrubbed OFF of our PC but the calls continued. I even contacted an online legal rep. who traced the ph number of 'Ruitz' to an offshore number where, the rep. had no jurisdiction. I then began answering the phone when 'Ruitz' would call by saying "Dicks Bar'  and told the person on the other end.."This is a business you have reached"  and the calls finally quit, completely.
   All is well with our PC and our WR account so far, I suppose we'll find out at re-newal this June.
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I think that Webroot should reward auto-renewal loyalty by offering discounts of 10% for each year of renewal, up to a maximum of say 50%. I have seen this with other vendors and it seems to me that it would encourage auto-renewal and generate a lot of goodwill.
every year on renewal its always £70 for 5 pc's, but every year i have to do a siple web search on webroot offers which always takes me to an offer page where i always purchase another year for secureanywhere complete which is always about £20,
our renewal prices should be the same as the offer page
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"I think that Webroot should reward auto-renewal loyalty by offering discounts of 10% for each year of renewal, up to a maximum of say 50%." Oohh! Yes, PLEASE! I think we've had Webroot on our computers since 2007! I renew every January, so cannot always do the multiple year renewal to get the major discounts. Depends on how expensive the previous year was and what I spent on Christmas, although I'm usually done with that with Black Friday's sales. But I know for as long as I've been a customer I have rather resented paying so much to renew when newbies get it for $40. I feel Un-loved!
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While this is a great idea, it is not a feature request. As such I will need to close it, however please note that we are aware of this concern. We will pass along this feedback to the respective team.