Make the SecureAnywhere Toolbar compatible with Google Chrome

  • 3 February 2012
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I LOVE Webroot SecureAnywhere and the great toolbar, BUT I also favor using Google Chrome as my internet browser of choice. When will the toolbar be made compatible with Google Chrome so that I can have the best of both worlds?

29 replies

Yes I too prefer and use Google Chrome-making the toolbar compatible with Chrome would be a bonus
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Hey David, thanks for submitting. We hear you guys loud and clear.
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Evening all. New member and fortunately you're already talking about a problem that I'm encountering. I believe this particular problem should be more then being "under consideration". I like using Chrome and by doing so I can't use the full functionality of Webroot. In fact I've got more functionality with Webroot on my mobile then my lap top. Enjoying using Webroot but this problem is taking the shine off. 
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Hi Jay62,
I am sorry to hear that.  I too love using Chrome and I will be happy when this functionality is available for my favorite browser. 
While this is still "under construction," may I recommend checking out this feature which can allow you to use some of the password management functions in Google Chrome.
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Hello Sophia. Tried that. In fact I sent into support an error message that appeared when I attempted to use them on the toolbar. Regards Jay62
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Hello everyone,
Just wanted to give you a quick status update on this great idea: we're currently working behind the scenes with the product development team to not only raise awareness of your request, but also to see if we can get the feature on queue for a future release. 
We're listening to your ideas (we read every single one) - so if you haven't already, please keep the Kudos coming to support the ideas you like, including this one!
Thanks DannyK for the original submission.
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Although I don't use Google Chrome, I support the idea of a toolbar in that browser for those who wish to use the Password Management feature in WSA Complete. Chrome, Firefox & IE are considered to be the top 3 browsers and so this functionality should be extended, if possible, to all three, not just Firefox.
I appreciate it may be more difficult to implement this from a technical point of view and might take longer to achieve than one expects. The use of bookmarklets is a good workaround in the meantime.
Some users may use and are using LastPass for Chrome, which WSA's password management is based on, instead as an alternative method until such time full implementation within WSA Complete becomes possible.
I agree and support this idea.
I currently use Roboform - which is on the same principle but you have to buy it...
I could really use this toolbar - too bad i can't get use to firefox or explorer.
New customer here.. I am on the same page with all the other folks. I too have Explorer and Firefox, but I prefer to use Google Chrome. It would be awesome to see webroot compatible with Chrome, but if not it won't be a let down or anything. You guys have done an amazing job on this amazing product!
Also, major thanks to you for being a company who actually lisens to their customers. 
Hi there,
Since you already use lastpass, how difficult can it be to make a similar function for Chrome as exists for IE? Lastpass has a very good extension for chrome, I guess it would be just a matter of branding it as webroot...
Besides that, I'm a very happy customer with your software. Thank you.
Rui Duarte
Although I use Firefox as my default browser, I would love the chance to use Chrome with Anywhere's features.
But a bigger concern of mine is the notice by Google that Chrome will be automatically included in future upgrades to Android.  How will this affect my Android protection and my ability to use the password software?
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The password feature on Android only works through the SecureWeb browser.  Having Chrome installed on the Android wouldn't hurt that functionality, but adding the feature to the Android version would be something altogether different from adding it to the PC version.  While it's possible to add browser extentions to a browser on a PC version, Android is locked down a lot tighter in terms of the permissions available to be able to do that on a mobile browser.  There are certain technical limitations due to those permissions settings that prohibit such a feature from working in say Firefox, Default Browser, Dolphin, Chrome, etc. on an Android.
Hi. New customer here, literally purchased about 3 hours ago. Great software, however I am really interested in this Chrome integration.
I bought this because 5 hours ago my hotmail account got hacked and 8 months ago my house was burgled. Needless to say I've had to change passwords for around 40 sites each time this happens and I'd love your guys help with this, been a Chrome user since it was released, don't really want to hop back to "cluttered" browsers just for this feature.
Anyway, I can see the issue was initally raised early March... is there at least an ETA?
Thanks in advance :D
Just coming back to Chrome a few days ago and from early impressions I can say this is likely to be my go to browser. As others have expressed, I too would like to have Webroot SecureAnywhere support within the browser. Until it is available I'll be using one of the other browsers supported. Having had my identity pirated I'm more than a bit paranoid about security. Btw, is there a site for us to post these concerns to Google?
Another newbie here and I have the same request as previous posts. I have used IE for many years and only recently tried Chrome and found it to be a very versatile and user friendly browser and would very much like the Webroot toolbar to be compatible with it.
Many thanks in advance
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Good news! This is going to happen. 🙂
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This is GREAT news! I have been checking in every so often to catch up with the latest and greatest on what has been going on with Webroot, and I just saw this today! Please excuse my absence as work has been, well, chaotic is the first word that comes to mind.
I am SO glad to know that Wewbroot toolbar will be available for Chrome soon! This just makes my day! Thanks guys! (and ladies) 
Excellent news... Any estimate on when its going to be ready?
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There isn't any word on an official date for that yet, but I'll update the thread as more information becomes available. 🙂
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Here's another vote for SecureAnwhere Chrome support. I use both IE and Chrome, perferring Chrome for websites that run slowly under IE.
1 Yea vote for Chrome support...
Here is another perturbed user.  Firefox has made so many "upgrades" that it's got my websites all ****** up.  I hate IE and had to go to CHROME.  Now I find out there is no toolbar for my passwords...WTH?!!  I have so many saved in my SecureAnwhere that is worthless of a one click!  Come on people...Google Chrome has been out long enough and has been loved enough that you should have started on this without anyone having to suggest it to you!  Now tell us when to expect it so I don't have to go back to RoboForm and pay them again for your inconvenience here.
Is this feature still in the works?  It seems like a very long time to implement a feature the so many paying customers want!
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While work on this feature is ongoing, a lot of progress has been made to this point. It's still being developed, and it's hard to say exactly when it will be ready. However, enough progress has been made that we are happy to say this feature is "coming soon." 🙂