Make the SecureAnywhere Toolbar compatible with Google Chrome

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SAWEEEEEEET!!! Thanks a TON you guys! 
(and it's not even my birthday! LOL!)
I wonder will it work for Comodo Dragon?I prefer Dragon to anything else I have tried.It is more stable and just as fast or faster than Google Chrome.I tried Google Chrome for a little awhile but found dragon more secure with less problems.
I did that and still don't have the toolbar.I do have a question about what is the best browser security configuration?I really like Comodo Dragon but I don't think that it is protected by Webroot.So should I use Google Chrome instead?I don't like Internet Explorer.What does the toolbar do anyways?
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Hi Chris, why not create an idea for a Webroot passwords toolbar for Comodo Dragon?  Then the idea is trackable by number of kudos and will be investigated and considered.


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