Master Reset Button

  • 1 March 2012
  • 3 replies

I was thinking it would be cool to have a reset button that will reset the whole Webroot SecureAnywhere software back to default rather than having to reset each category one at a time. So we could keep the individual reset buttons under each category but under the "Import/Export" category we could put something like "Reset All"
What does everyone think, would this be a good feature to have?

3 replies

Hi, I like the idea.  However, I'm very new to this forum and software, and want to know "the tricks of the trade"?  I'm also a fan of Google Chrome.  From what I hear, it's not too friendly with Chrome.    Comments?  
We will protect you using any web browser out there including Google Chrome, we just do not have a toolbar for the Google Chrome web browser at this time. Google Chrome is a little different, they allow add-ons but toolbars usually do not work or cannot be added to their web browser. Currently the two web browsers we support for the Webroot toolbar is Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. But like I said we will protect you when you are surfing the web no matter what web browser you are using to get onto the Internet.
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Since uninstalling and reinstalling can be accomplished in about a minute or two, and it provides for the same total settings reset, this does not seem like a particularly high priority, but thanks for the input! We may look at the idea again if the demand for such a feature increases.