Merge the SecureAnywhere PC support boards

  • 23 January 2013
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I propose that the SecureAnywhere Antivrus, Internet Security Plus, and Complete forums be merged together.
I feel that the Webroot forums are already too subdivided. Spreading posts across three boards for products that share the same codebase and agent does not seem justified.
Navigating the boards in their current state is already frustrating, especially for someone trying to cover both the Individual and Business sides.

5 replies

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I'm sorry but I have to disagree as each one has there own Features. But agree about Individual and Business sides but the forum Management must have there reasons.
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To be honest, I am of a mixed opinion.  While each does have it's own features, the base code is common to them.  An issue with the common base would need to be posted in all three forums to reach all affected users.  
If not combining the forums, maybe for issues that affect all three have one main thread in the AV forum, and a thread in the other two with a description of the issue and the direct link to the first.
I am still new here, so I have to ask.. is it possible to 'lock' a thread so that additional comments cannot be made?
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I'm interested to see this discussion develop a little more so we can learn from it, but I'll be happy to explain why we built it the way we built it.  This might get a little lengthy.  Sorry about that in advance!
1. Having the business content segmented out from the consumer allows us to eventually stream content from those forums into other areas of the website.  It could potentially be confusing to see a thread about a business-console specific feature mixed into a page made specifically for Complete users for instance.  So it's kind of for the same reason we don't have all the products on one page on the main site.  We haven't branched it out like this yet, but as we begin to do so, the sensibility of keeping the forums segmented will become more apparent.

2. Regarding threads that are only relevant to a certain subset of users, like Complete features or Business Console features, the ability to drill down into a product forum serves as a user-friendly filter.
3. Regarding what David mentioned about issues that extend to multiple versions of the product, using the search box from the main category page will net you threads that are relevant to your interests, no matter which sub-forum they are in.  So when you're asking about an issue that is germaine to all three versions of the Individuals & Families PC product, the results will be pulling from all relevant sources - as well as the knowledgebase.  We'd like to think that users usually search for an already started topic before posting a new topic.  When they don't look for something before posting, we'll end up directing them to the right thread anyway, no matter where it is.  For huge issues that we see a lot of people asking about, we post about them in this thread, which serves as sort of a "Top Issues" announcement.
4. The knowledgebase isn't segmented like the forums, so when a topic turns into a permanent article, it adds even more visibility to the topic being discussed.
5. In a generalized, all-types kind of forum, we suspect that casual forum browsers would wonder why they don't have a feature that is being discussed, which would lead to a need for "That only exists in this version" kind of answers to questions quite a bit.
6. The number of posts per hour at peak hours calls for more than one product forum because otherwise new discussions could end up on Page 2 of a forum view.
7. Probably many business customers would avoid a forum in which many of the threads they have to parse through are not relevant to their interests (think Backup, Passwords, non-Business version of Mobile, etc.)  That gets particularly confusing for Mobile since Business Mobile is different in a lot of ways.  The information pool would be a bit more cloudy.
To answer the "Can you lock threads?" question, yes we can!  We don't do it very often because we're generally happy to keep any conversation going as long as anyone wants to keep talking about something.  I can think of two cases in which I've ever used it, and it was for informational stickies that would not make sense to build any conversation off of.
That said, improvement suggestions for the Community are very much welcome!  There are probably a lot of improvements waiting to be suggested.
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I think that the individual products should be kept seperate due to the different features as TH mentioned. 
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Please see my explanation in the comments. 🙂